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For over 15 years, studios, fitness professionals and service providers have relied on Align Pilates to supply them with quality, affordable and durable equipment. Based in the United Kingdom, Align Pilates are the largest European supplier in all things Pilates.

In 2012 a partnership between Align Pilates and Australian owned and operated company Pilates Reformers Australia emerged. The last four years have seen this partnership grow and develop so that premium, affordable equipment is now available here in Australia. The partnership has developed a new range of Reformers especially designed for the growing demands of the market.

Pilates Reformers Australia offers an extensive range of high quality equipment and accessories suitable for all sizes and capabilities. Using only the highest quality components for supreme performance, always consider Pilates Reformers Australia for all your Pilates needs.

It’s simple!

  • Much testing is done on our Reformers before entering the Australian market.
  • Our machines are Robotic welded in Jigs. Not made by hand.
  • Currently we have European ISO approval all Align-Pilates Reformers.
  • We have a variety of testing machines which reproduce years of use within just a few months. This enables us to find issues very quickly and correct them before entering the market place.

Such testing includes:

  • Scuffing machine (upholstery wear);
  • carriage pulling (wheel, runner and spring wear);
  • weight testing (setting weight limits);
  • spring stretch (testing longevity) and
  • pressure testing for bolts and welds (prevents breaks).

When Shopping for a Reformer

  • Make sure everything is bolted and not screwed. (Beware of cheap wooden Reformers)
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